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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Take advantage of flexible contract and maturity terms designed to help you save or plan for future expenditures.

With maturity terms from 30 days up to five years, we’ll help make a savings plan that’s right for you.


Contact your local branch for rates and terms.

Looking for extra insurance coverage on your certificates of deposit (CDs)?

With the CDARS® service, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection by working directly with WSB & BSB.

When we place your deposit through CDARS®, that deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000. The funds are then placed into deposit accounts at other network banks. As a result, you can access FDIC coverage from many institutions while working directly with just ours. Receive one statement from our bank detailing all your CDARS placements.

Explore More CD Options

The Junior CD is available to children and students (24 years of age or younger). Monies deposited to this CD must be the sole, indisputable property of the child or student.

The Bank wishes to encourage scholastic achievement and at the same time provide incentive and opportunity for students to save toward their education, business’ or professions. Monies deposited to this CD must be the sole, indisputable property of the student. The Grade Point CD is available to any full time student under the age 24 who receives a letter grade.

Interest bearing accounts calculate

Visit a branch for a complete schedule of fees.

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